A Bit About King Charles Cavaliers

At approximately thirteen inches in height this toy breed comes in four different colors, chestnut colored on white, also known as Blenheim, Tricolor, black on white, Black and Tan which is black with tan markings and Ruby a rich red color. The Black and Tan version of these toy spaniels is how they came by the name of the King Charles Cavaliers, as they were well loved by European nobility and it is said they got their name from King Charles, II whom as with his father King Charles I loved the breed. They are sweet and gentle in demeanor and can be as spunky and agile as other spaniel breeds. Their loving face with eyes that will melt anyone's heart make them a most adorable companion.


Cavalier King Charles


Sire Calvin


Dam Phoebe

Check back for puppies coming in Spring 2023!