Standard Poodles

A bit about Standard Poodles

Standard Poodles should measure 15 inches or more at the shoulder. They are known for their elegant and graceful gait, prancing their way through life and into our hearts. They make wonderful house pets are easily trained and eager to please with coats are hypoallergenic.  In the showring they are always impressive when groomed for show and will win the hearts of many!


Our Current
Standard Poodles

Marcelo Standing_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Marcelo Win_edited_edited.jpg

Marcello, Sire (Evidette Gatelin's Francisco, AKC registered name)

Marcello, Sire


Felicia, Dam ( Edivette Stage is Set at Gatlin's, AKC registered name)

Isabell III.jpg

Isabelle, Dam (Paradise Hot Topic, AKC registered name)

Isabelle, Dam (Paradise Hot Topic, AKC registered name)

Marcello Pedigree_edited.jpg

Marcello's Pedigree

Felicia Pedigree.jpg

Felicia's Pedigree

Isabelle pedigree_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Isabelle's Pedigree